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Welfare is not charity!

Bom-Bom Charitable Trust is building a social enterprise to provide sustenance to a community in need. Our aim is to achieve self-sufficiency for the people of Malana. For more than a year we have been working with the villagers preparing workforce, developing products utilizing their natural resources and now we aim to market our merchandise in the competitive international and high-end domestic market. We need capital to initiate our business module.

Bom-Bom Chartable Trust is inviting likeminded souls to contribute and become members of our organization. We are not asking for donation but subscription. You are putting in your money with us not for profit but for welfare. You can withdraw your contribution (not applicable for foreign contributors) after an year along with our gift of love.

Bom-Bom Chartable Trust will utilize your contribution in funding our welfare projects in the

Malana Circle
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Each Bom-Bom Charitable Trust Subscription requires a minimum contribution of र10,000.
You can buy as many subscriptions as you please.

You are not donating but investing; not for profit but welfare. Yet your money will return with a divine divident!
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Terms and privileges
? Bom-Bom Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization and operates as a social enterprise. We utilize the business profit to fund our welfare projects.
? As an ordinary member of Bom-Bom Charitable Trust you can enjoy certain privileges which includes participating in the welfare activities of the trust, Please check our website to find your role.
? Your name and details will be posted in our members? area and you can actively share your thoughts and suggestions.
? Every contributor will get a credit account with Bom-Bom Charitable Trust activated after the realization of payment.
? Bom-Bom Charitable Trust offers the contributor a Gift of Love Bom-Bom Merchandise* equivalent to one?s contributed sum redeemable anytime within an year of commencement of one?s membership.
? Your credit account will reflect your contributed sum which you can redeem against Bom-Bom Merchandise* of your choice anytime within an year of commencement of your membership.
* Bom-Bom Marchandise: Visit our Online Store
Under Production Bom-tee (T-shirts), Bom-bag (canvas & leather casual bags), Bom-chic (High fashion jackets, bags and accessories made of hand woven wool & leather),
Soon to come Bom-ley & food products (Exotic fruit preserves, Organic Tea), Nature Tourism & Home Stay
Become a Member
bee Please fill up the Membership/ Subscription Form online
Please Pay by Bank Transfer or by a/c Payee Cheque or by Demnd Draft
(details provided in the form)

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