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Set up Malana as a role model of gram-swaraj (self governing, self efficient village) Their unique form of democracy, the democracy of consensus can only be restored if they can achieve their economic independence.

Along with achieving self-sufficiency in economy we plan to work for self-sufficiency in energy as well. The adjacent village Mazig which is still out of clutch of the modern world can be set up as a role model of using green energy by utilizing the naturally available solar, wind, local hydel energy and bio-gas/fuel resources.

The dam & the hydel project is ruining the environment of Malana, the impact is deep on the nature and as well as on its people. A movement to stop further construction of any dam (there is already a proposed third dam in Malana which if happens will destroy their heaven).

Malana had been the land of Rakhshashas. They still speaks the language of rakshasha, which takes their civilization back to four thousand BC. It?s our social responsibility to protect this endangered community.
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1) Bom-Ray

Self-reliance through clean energy. We are working in tandem with MNRE, Govt of India to install a series of Watermills/ Micro-hydel units to provide villagers clean energy from their own natural resources for free. The project report is ready waiting for funds.

2) Organic Food
    & Herbs

Bom-Bom Cafe

Exotic Fruit Preserves, Honey, Pickles, Herbal/ Medicinal Tea. Last year we produced some exotic fruit preserves with wild strawberry and raspberry in the village. This year we are starting organized production and packaging of fruit preserves and systematic marketing. Needs more funds and interested entrepreneur.
Bom-Ley - Divine wild strawberry preserves
Bom-Ney - Honey from heaven
Bom-Chai - Organic tea from medicinal flowers

3) Aforestation &    Plantation

Cultivation of organic Fruits, Vegetables, Spices and Medicinal Plants With support of Department of Forest, HP Govt we plan to develop Malana as a model of systematic preservation of the nature and its people

4) Wool & Hemp


People of Malana have been shepherds and wore their own wool, the wool from heaven. Bom-Bom is exploring possibilities of providing them some sustenance by taking their wool to the world of hi-fashion. Needs more funds. Ethical Fashion - natural fiber, no chemical & hand made We are developing products with their existing natural hand woven wool & sheep-skin. The first collection of Bom-Chic will be launched very soon.

5) Nature Tourism Home Stay, Natural living, High Mountain trekking & camping. Needs funding.

6) Bom-bud
   & Bom-Mom

Social Reform & Rehabilitation project for children and mothers of Malana. Our idea is decriminalization through love, care and knowledge exchange. We adopted two children from the village giving them proper education and care. We plan to impart vocational training to the womenfolk of the village on weaving, knitting, embroidery, tailoring etc and help them to be independent and self-reliant

7) Bom-Tee/

We have launched designer T-shirts, bags and accessories with drawings from the children in need and the profit would fund their education and our Bom-bud project

8) Hemp Paper

Handmade paper from hemp, a nature friendly no chemical paper. We plan to start our production by this year end with collaboration of famous Kagzi community of Jaipur.

9) Preservation of Primeval Language
of Malana (Kanashi)


Our aim is save this ancient language from extinction. We plan to prepare script, lexicon, grammar of their language and an interactive language learning program for the villagers. Subsequently we deliver primary and appropriate education in their own language. e-education - On one side we preserve and archive their language and culture and on the other we plan to establish an alternative school in Malana to impart basic education to both adults & children and help them learn modern communication mediums like camera, computer & internet to access information and share knowledge. We had submbmitted a project with Min of Culture, Govt of India last December...waiting for funds!!!

10) Preservation of Culture of Malana
& Anthropological

We have taken a comprehensive plan of 5 years towards 360 degree cultural archiving of Malana through a Concept Museum comprising of real exhibits and an interactive virtual archive. We would also try to mobilize anthropological study. We had submbmitted a project with Min of HRD, Govt of India... waiting for funds!!!

Bom-Bom Charitable Trust is forming a self-help group in the village called Bom-Bom Atmanirbhar, Malana to be run and managed by the common villager themselves for execution and regular functioning of the projects.

Sanitation & Health (awareness campaign and organize health camps with free medicine and other services) Traditional Medicine (research and revive some of their own traditional medicinal practices) Alternative Education & Computers (for all; men, women & children)
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