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Terms and privileges
• As an ordinary member of Bom-Bom Charitable Trust you can enjoy certain privileges which includes participating in the welfare activities of the trust, Please check our website to find your role.
• Your name and details will be posted in our members’ area and you can actively share your thoughts and suggestions.
• Every contributor will get a credit account with Bom-Bom Charitable Trust activated after the realization of payment
• Bom-Bom Charitable Trust would utilize your contribution in several projects aimed at development and welfare of the community in need.
• Bom-Bom Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization and operates as a social enterprise. We utilize the business profit to fund our welfare projects. By policy the Trust does not believe in returning cash dividend to the contributor.
• Instead Bom-Bom Charitable Trust offers the contributor a Gift of Love (Bom-Bom Merchandise* equivalent to 15% of one’s contributed sum redeemable anytime of the year.)
• A credit of र11,500 will be reflected on your member’s account valid from the date of commencement.
• You can redeem the entire or part of the sum against Bom-Bom Merchandise* of your choice anytime of the year.
(subect to availability of products)
• After an year from the date of commencement only Indian contributors can withdraw the entire or a part of their remaining credit not exceeding the original subscription by a/c payee cheque.
• You can also use a part or your entire credit balance to buy new subscription for the forthcoming year.
   NB VAT & Taxes as applicable per law
* Bom-Bom Marchandise: Visit our Online Store
Under Production Bom-tee (T-shirts), Bom-bag (canvas & leather casual bags), Bom-chic (High fashion jackets, bags and accessories made of hand woven wool & leather),
Soon to come Bom-ley & food products (Exotic fruit preserves, Organic Tea), Nature Tourism & Home Stay

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