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A café in Malana and the home product outlet for Bom-Bom

Pristine virgin land of Malana, never been invaded by chemicals or outside fertilisers is ideal to produce organic food products. 
With help of agricultural scientists we plan to set up organized farming and promote nature friendly cultivation practices in and around the village of Malana.

in store very soon

Honey from flowers of heaven

Fruit Preserves/ Jam

Herbal tea


We appreciate like minded collaborators to help in production and distribution.
In the pristine high altitude valleys above Malana grow wild strawberries - bomley. The women folk pluck them ripe and prepare divine preserves with love and care exclusively for Bom-Bom.
Last year we prepared a small quantity of this exclusive preserves and distributed it in 250 ml bottles against a donation of Rs 250 each.

This year we plan to produce it at a larger scale. And looking for funding to meet our target.

Bomley is a seasonal fruit, so our production and stock is limited. Please mail us your contact details so that we can reach out to you in time.

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