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Even fifty years back no one from Malana ever wore a cloth from outside. They have been shepherds and wore only their own wool, the wool from heaven.
Bom-Bom is working with the villagers to take their wool to the world of hi-fashion, and helping this poor endangered community towards economic independence.

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We�re setting up a self-help group in the village, providing them with necessary tools and tackles,
We�re giving them adequate training and developing a community participation process to achieve our target production.
We plan to have exhibition/ shows of BOM Chic products internationally from this year (2011).

�This coat was created from traditional hand-spun & hand-woven woolen
fabric from Malana, designed by Naveen Negi and stitched overnight by
local tailor just before I left for Tokyo to face a cold winter.
Thick and heavy it kept myself warm n comfortable, gave me company
like a friend, became a part of me.
It smelt rustic, looked original, felt ethnic...
reminded me of Master Yoji Yamamoto� - amlan

Designer Jacket Dress Made with specially processed and hand woven woolen fabric from Malana & sheep leather targetting European and Japanese market.
Designer bag Waist pouch Belt & Gloves Made of specially hand woven woolen fabric from Malana and sheep leather, some embroidered
Woolen Cap, Socks Gloves Hand knit caps, felt caps, hand knit socks, hand knit gloves produced by our women self- help group in Malana
Scarf Woolen hand embroidered scarf
Khoba Exclusive collector’s item, traditional shoes made from goats wool

Dr Kamal Kishor, Kullu Karishma Providing technical knowhow to the villagers, processing and natural dying of wool from Malana, making special yarns and fabric for our designs)
Designers Avijeet, Sambhabhi
Fabrication Abhishek Ghosh
bom-chikaims to explore many traditional fabrics (e.g. hemp, silk, cotton, jute, linen...) around the country and experiment with different blending possibilities and learn from our diverse indeginous techniques and practices. Our idea is to blend not only fabric but cultures. The fabric we bring to hi-fashion is just not a product but an idea of peace, love and cohesive existance.

We are looking for collaboration from individuals and organisations who can help us develop improvised tools & tackles to process wool & hemp, share knowledge on natural dyes and support mass training initiative for weaving, knitting, embroidery etc.
We are inviting Designers who wants to collaborate, Bom-Bom would produce and promote their collection. Traditional craftsmen/ volunteers to participate and share their knowledge and creativity. Organisational support for exhibitions/ shows, and stores/ outlets to showcase our products.
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