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To work towards protection and preservation of the ethno cultural diversity of India

To raise good conscience in people to spread the message of trust and compassion for a happy cohesive existence

We believe in Development through a process of Evolution and not by Imposition

Time to rediscover our own assets, our indigenious respurces, our hidden treasures

To work with Indigenous/ Endangered/ Socially & Economically Underprivileged Communities/ Tribes in different parts of India & create Sustainable Development Programs for them

To form Local Self-help Groups and provide Financial/ Material/ Technical Support for the development of Traditional Fibers like Wool, Jute, Hemp etc and generate sustainability from production and marketing of traditional and improvised Hand-knit, Handloom & Handicraft Products for those communities

To falicitate production and marketing of local consumable Items like Honey, Fruit Products, Pickles, Herbs etc

Income from sales of such Products to be used in overall development of the lives of those Communities/ Tribes in the area of Health (Awareness Campaign & Health Camps), alternative Education etc

To revive many of our disappearing Indigenous Technologies, Wisdom & Practices including Folk Medicines; create awareness to protect, preserve and promote some of those Sustainable Nature Friendly Models to the mainstream

To set up small Green Energy resources in remotest areas for the benefit of the underprevileged by utilising Solar, Wind, Micro- Hydel, Bio-fuel resources

To preserve and protect many of our dissappearing Languages by initiating projects with Institutes/ Academicians from the field of Linguistics/ Natural Language Processing/ Social Anthropology

To preserve and protect many of our fast disappearing Traditional/ Folk Art and Cultures (Music/ Dance/ Theatre/ Visual Art/ Cuisine/ Crafts etc)

To proceed with organizing exhibitions/ functions/ concerts showcasing and promoting their unique art forms and to record and develop Corpus/ Audio-Visual Anthology of different folk music forms along with reference to instruments, texts, context, myths, rituals etc for scientific research and social evolution

To initiate Rehabilitation projects for hapless women & children victimized with Social Stigma/ Criminal Records/ Natural Disaster and integrate them to the society with dignity and self belief

To initiate projects with Scientific/ Engineering Institutes to distribute Computers for imparting education in the remotest areas and provide special training and orientation so that they can access a vast corpus of Information and knowledge
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