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Bom-bom desires to utilize local natural resources and empower remote villages to be self sufficient through clean energy and help them progress with their own nature friendly traditional systems.

Today Malana is electrified, a part of modern day democracy but the invasion of modern world has destroyed some of their beautiful traditional nature friendly systems. Around Malana are a few pristine hamlets which are not yet electrified. The people there still live a very primitive way of life. But there are enough natural streams to provide the basic amenity of the modern world ? electricity. Bom-Bom plans to phasewise install 5 Micro Hydel units (5KW to 20 KW) in these areas and provide electricity to these villagers for free.






The process of erecting the tank and installation of the turbines will be done through community participation of the beneficiaries. We want to create an euphoria in the villagers so that they feel empowered, self-dependant and confidant. We hope to create a positive influence to the villagers by showing a human face of the outside world and help integrate them to the mainstream.

We are preparing this project with technical support from ?Jalshakti?a specialized engineering firm run by ex IITian technocrats.


We are working in tandem with Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for much needed subsidies and support.

We will publish the project report soon and invite contributions.


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