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Welfare is not charity!

Bom-Bom Charitable Trust is building a social enterprise to provide sustenance to a community in need. We have initiated a number of projects to achieve self-sufficiency for the people of Malana and also to integrate this ethnic community to modernity with preserving their traditional wisdom and cultural assets.

Malana has been an isolated little village where the modern world has invaded only very recently. But, since then this primitive community is going through a massive transition, which has affected their culture, tradition, and most importantly their language. Their language ‘Kanashi’ without a script is slowly fading to extinction, taking away traditional wisdom accumulated over ages.

Malana Circle
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Bom-Bom Charitable Trust has planned a comprehensive Grand Project for systematic preservation of their language and culture followed by knowledge exchange so that we can integrate this unique community to the mainstream keeping their language and culture alive. The Trust further plans a 360 degree cultural archiving of Malana through a Concept Museum comprising of real exhibits and an interactive virtual archive.

Bom-Bom Chartable Trust will utilize your contribution in funding our Grand Project of Preservation of near extinct Language (kanashi) and precious Culture of Malana Bom -Wall
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'Bom-Bom Charitable Trust is a non-profit organisation registered under The Indian Trust Act'
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